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X11 Problems

I have just installed the X11 graphical windows program, at the same time
as upgrading from debian 1.2 -> 1.3.  It all worked fine at the time, and
I selected to have X11 coming up automatically on start-up.  However, I
have just rebooted my machine, and after the usual linux start-up
messages, it came up with the login window in X11.  I entered 'root' as
user name, and my password (I need to make linux bootable from
hard-drive), but kept getting login incorrect.  (I installed shadow
passwords when upgrading to 1.3, if this has any effect).  Is there a way
I can get linux to boot-up without starting X11 (preferably without
resorting to the rescue disk), and/or change my password?  Is the problem
that you can't login to X11 as root?


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