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Re: NIS in Debian 1.3 broken?

On Fri, 20 Jun 1997, Scott Barker wrote:

> I upgraded a box from 1.2 to 1.3, and now my NIS doesn't work. A yppasswd
> reports the user as unknown, and a ypwhich results in a segfault. A ypcat
> reports that there is no server bound to the NIS domain. The yp server is a
> debian box still running 1.2. I tried upgrading a separate debian box piece by
> piece, and found that upgrading libc5 seems to be the culprit. Both the libc5
> in 1.3, and the libc5 in bo-updates don't work.
> At another installation, I upgraded to 1.3 without a hitch. The yp server in
> that setup is a DEC machine running OSF/1 V3.2
> Has anyone else noticed this problem? Is it somehow related to the old NIS
> server in debian 1.2? Is there a fix yet?

A problem I had while testing 1.3 pre-release may be related. I have some
nfs mounts as no_root_squash for mirroring and other purposes. I couldn't
access them properly from the test machine with shadow passwords enabled.
When I have time, I'm going to put a test partition on each machine and
see what happens when all use shadow, when all don't, and when only some
do. I guess shadowconfig on and shadowconfig off are supposed to let you
bounce back and forth.

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