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Re: talk & ntalk

On Jun 18, Obi wrote
> Hi all,
> I'm sorry if this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find it ... I have problem with  
> the talk command. From my Debian 1.3 laptop, there is no way to talk to 
> somebody else. I tried on a SunOS, on another Linux box (slackware) but with 
> no luck: the talk sits with a Checking for invitation on a caller's machine.

You have a connection with dynamic IP, right?  In order to use talk in these 
circumstances, you need to change your hostname to one that corresponds to your
IP.  Something like line43.yourprovider.net.  The command for changing hostname 
is hostname, so to make it work, you have to type 
hostname line43.yourprovider.net
You can do this from your ip-up script to make sure you have talk always working

> If from the SunOS/Slackware box I do a talk to my machine, same problem, but 
> if I do a ntalk I got the message on my Debian machine, but I cannot answer (I 
> guess that ytalk/talk does not understand the ntalk protocol).

Both of them do understand ntalk protocol.  However, suns have their ntalk/talk
ports switched as opposed to linux.  Your /etc/services file should containt the
following lines:

talk            517/udp
ntalk           518/udp

On suns, talk would be port 518 and ntalk is 517.  The solution is to fix this 
problem on one of the ends.

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