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Re: TeTex-Problem

Christoph wrote
>Gernot <gbauer@risc.uni-linz.ac.at> writes:
>> Im having a problem with the tetex-packages. I upgraded from Debian >1.2
<> to 1.3 and have now TeTex installed (not the normal latex-packages
>> anymore...). Now I cant compile my files anymore. I always get: 
>> > mother:~/Uni> latex document.tex
>> > This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (C version 6.1)
>> > I can't find the default format file!
>> > mother:~/Uni>
>teTeX installs all the required format files. tex/latex should find
>them all. Did you set any TEX* environment variables?
No. "set" says no TEX-settings...

> it should already be there. Please look before you recreate them. If
> you have to, execute as root 'texconfig init'.

Hmm. When I execute "texconfig init" I get several error messages but
they are too fast for me to read and "script" wont record them...

Something really sucks on my system. I think Ill try several reinstalls
- so thanx to those who replied. Ill open a new session in this
digest/list if trying by error wont work (well, of course - I would
appreciate some *ideas* what could be wrong). 

Thanx again, Gernot
Gernot Bauer
University of Linz


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