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Re: Is there a Debian 1.3 "Unleashed" available?

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Paul Wade wrote:

> Re: stupid non-free restrictions
> Is there anything in non-free that can't be given away? If you buy a CD-R
> from me, I can put the non-free software on it. Why? Because I will put it
> on a CD-R that you don't buy from me at no charge. The CD-ROM vendors
> can't do that with their media. Of course, I expect a postpaid,
> preaddressed mailer with the blank CD-R, but I don't charge for labor,
> electricity and machine usage. If there is anything in non-free that can't
> be copied onto media at no charge, then it probably should be in a new
> directory called do_not_mirror at the ftp site.
Be very careful here. You have made the common blunder when thinking about
non-free. It has absolutely nothing to do with money! The fact that you
are not intending to sell the CD does not mean that you are not liable for
infringing a copyright. The reason these packages are in this directory is
because they have distribution restrictions. These restrictions may
include media restrictions, distribution with other types of software
restrictions, etc... In fact the most dangerous packages in non-free are
the ones without any copyright notice at all. Under copyright law these
packages are assumed to have THE most restrictive copyright possible,
and unless you have the expressed permission of the author you may be open
to suit for copyright infringement if you include them on your "cost free"


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