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Re: X install under 1.2

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Joost Kooij wrote:
> There has been some useful info for you on this list, however that was
> months ago. Let me guess, you have a Infomagic Linux Developers Resource
> 6 cd set? It contains debian 1.2 aka rex, while debian 1.3 has just been

Correct, dated April '97.

> Uhmm, those were recommendations for 1.3 actually. 1.2 had different
> problems, some of which could not be resolved by a particular order of
> packages installation.


> Zenon Fortuna dated 7 januari 1997 in the debian user archive (follow the
> documentation link on www.debian.org.)
> Basically, it requires some additional handwork to fix some small errors
> in install scripts, but it is pretty well documented and not hard at all.
> IIRC the biggest problem with x was that a line /usr/X11/lib wasn't added
> to /etc/ld.conf. If you add it and run ldconfig (as root ofcourse) x
> should work a lot better already.   

The /usr/X11/lib entry was in /etc/ld.conf so I think the problem at this 
point is getting the chipset correct. Generic chipset works so I may 
tweak that. Thanks for all the pointers.



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