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Re: Rescue disk hurts my ethernet card

On Sat, 14 Jun 1997, Hamish Moffatt wrote:

:On Thu, Jun 12, 1997 at 04:39:53PM +0200, schulte@Uni-Wuppertal.DE wrote:
:> When I rebooted to linux I noticed several network error 
:> configuration tool (grrr...). The second case (1.2, Apr 97)
:> Am I the only one with such an expirience? I should add that I
:Interesting. I've got quite a few NE2000s and haven't had them
:lose their configuration, but I have had quite a few (about
:three now) die completely. I'm currently using an WD 8013 in my
:PC, which on a couple of occasions has had invalid PROM
:states; the DOS driver won't load, and I haven't had the
:EtherEZ stuff on hand to reconfigure it. Usually, I boot
:Linux and Linux revives it.
:8013 seems to be quite a good card. Better than the NE2000's
:I've got. And I bought it for $1.50 Australian out of a junk
:basket at a local electronics store; marked "no drivers."
:Better than the $40 NE2000s. I also bought (for $5) a big
:VLB IDE/IO/SCSI card (Adaptec 1520 based), also "no drivers."

I've had a lot of good luck with SMC 8013s.  I also like the 3Com
Etherlink IIIs, but they're hard to find cheap.  I ran into about 15
8013s that someone was throwing away since they'd upgraded to PCI cards
... not a bad price for me :)  At $1.50 they're a great deal ... I also
like the two hardware jumpers on the SMC versions for troubleshooting.


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