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majordomo 1.94.1-7

I have configured a majordomo test-list on my debian machine and am able
to subscribe to it sucessfully, however I can't seem to send messages to
the list.  This is what I have in my /etc/aliases:

indierock :include:/var/lib/majordomo/lists/indierock
owner-indierock: root
indierock-request: "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper request-answer indierock"
indierock-approval: root

The permissions on the userlist:
-rw-rw-r--   1 majordom majordom       25 Jun 10 17:18 indierock

However I always get the error when I try to mail to

|------------------------- Failed addresses follow: ---------------------|
 /var/lib/majordomo/lists/indierock ... failed: transport file: failed to
open output file: No such file or directory
|------------------------- Message text follows: ------------------------|

Any clues?  My thanks in advance...


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