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Re: X server via network.

On 9 Jun 1997, Chris Brown wrote:

>      The other day I set up a couple of new machines and decided to 
> monitor then from home.  One thng that I thought would be nice was to 
> run the procmeter on the remote machine.  I'v never run any 
> applications on X via a network connection befor so I thought this 
> would be interesting.  After doing an rlogin and setting the DISPLAY 
> environvent variable like so: "foo.bar.com:0.0".  I ran the procmeter 
> and it said that it didn't have permission to connect to the X 
> server.  Somewhere there must be a file that I need to grant this 
> permission in but I am not familiar enough with X to know about 
> this one and I'm not even sure where to look.  Can someone point me 
> in the right direction.
You need to tell your local machine that X connections from your remote
ones are allowed. This is done using "xhost".
Here's an example:

Your remote machine is remote.foobar.com, your local one local.foobar.com;
On your local machine, type "xhost + remote.foobar.com", on the remote
one, type "setenv DISPLAY local.foobar.com:0.0" (C Shell) or "export
DISPLAY=local.foobar.com:0.0" (Bourne Shell).

You should now be able to get what you wanted.
Warning: anybody can display a program on your own Display once you've
granted permissions with xhost.

Curiously, SUN workstations seem to refuse granting remote Linux
workstations such rights...
Apparently, the two machine's domains must be the same.

Hope it helps,

Sébastien Phélep -  Etudiant en deuxième année d'informatique, IUT de Vannes.
phelep@iu-vannes.fr --- phelep@lester.univ-ubs.fr --- seb@kaouenn.univ-ubs.fr

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