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Re: DLINK-220 (was Re: rogers wave cable access....)

On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Colin R. Telmer wrote:

> > D-Link 220's are PnP NE-2000 clones. If you get isapnptools you should be
> > able to configure the card in linux and then use the ne driver.
> I have tried to do this without success. I tried pnpdump without any
> options, but it only listed my AWE32 and modem. When I did this, it looked
> at regport 0x203. Is there a possiility that the dlink220 is on another
> regport? Cheers, Colin.

You can turn PnP mode off on D-Links, so that they will function as a
plain NE-2000 mode.  You can set all this via the configuration diskette
that comes with there card. For the reference, I use the 200 PnP (in the
NE2k mode) on my Linux server, and in my other Linux workstation.  

If you don't have the diskette, you can get it from the FTP server or Web
server from D-Link.

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