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Re: trouble with MH

>>Ken Lauffenburger wrote:
 >I sent this message several days ago, but saw no responses so I'm
 >suspecting I mailed it improperly.  If the original message was posted,
 >then sorry for the double post.

I've seen it several days ago -- probably nobody knows the answer.  :-(
Perhaps try mh mailing list (is there one?) or Usenet?

 >The problem is that I get the following error message when I try to
 >send a message using MH:
 >    post: problem initializing server; [BHST] premature end-of-file on socket
 >    send: message not delivered to anyone
 >I feel its just a matter of configuration.  Any suggestions?

FWIW all the configuration I've done in mh was to change path to maildir
in ~/.mh_profile.  I did about as much config for qmail (I have qmail for MTA, 
also debian package) and everything worked.  

 >Any suggestions?
Yeah...  UTSL...


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