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Re: Debian 1.3 Release FAQ - Preliminary

>>Jim Pick wrote:

 >I've never done this myself (setting up PPP from just the base system).
 >Does anyone have a no-fail recipe for doing this that would be suitable
 >for the FAQ?

Probably not -- because there are 2 possible easy setups (pap & chap) and
lots of difficult ones (text logins.)  E.g. for the account I'm posting from 
it is
login to terminal server
rlogin to sun box (was done via a menu at one stage)
start slirp in ppp mode

I think you should refer them to ISP-hookup HOWTO and add debian-specific
info: pon, poff, /etc/ppp.options_out and /etc/ppp.chatscript
(sorry I can't be of much help here -- of these I'm only using poff.)

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