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frozen & unstable distribution problems

  I've just discovered that the Packages file on ftp.debian.org is again
out of synch with the actual packages in the distribution.  I'm sure
(since this has been reported time and time again) that the Packages file
on master is correct.  We really do need to find some way to keep the
ftp.debian.org mirror up to date.

  The second problem I just ran into is that the size of the main
directory in the frozen (bo) distribution has grown to such a size that it
can no longer be contained on a 650,000,000 byte CD along with the
unstable version.  This means that you (at least I) can no longer build a
CD of the unstable version because of all the symbolic links back into bo
which I can no longer fit on the CD -- I do these tests to verify that the
thing can be used to build a brand new system from scratch.  I could do it
over the phone line, but a 28.8 connection is just too slow to build a
complete system from scratch.

Anyone have any ideas?


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