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Re: new kernel

On Tue, 3 Jun 1997, Syd Alsobrook wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a machine that i just upgraded to v1.3 (that went perfectly). My
> question is this I want to upgrade the kernel (now v2.0.27) the easiest way
> possible can I copy the kernel from the install floppies for v1.3 (has
> kernel 2.0.30) or is it easier just to recompile the kernel?

It would probably be easier to copy the kernal, BUT I still recommend you 
to recompile the kernal. Then you will get a kernel that is optimized 
for your needs, which doesn't include alot of non-used drivers.

After you installed the kernal-source be sure to read 

other usefull information is available in
(if you want to use modules that is)

Tip: make menuconfig is nice, and have a easy-to-use built in
help function (also availabel in make config)

Good luck
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