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Re: Debian quality

On Mon, 2 Jun 1997, System Account (what a cute name!:) wrote:

> 	Wait!! Hold this upgrade!! Hehe sorry all but i was about to try
> the upgrade tomorrow but i was going to use bo. What am i suppossed to
> use Bo or Frozen???

Frozen, I think.  BTW I always use unstable for this purpose.

> 	Also i am going to setup a mirror on my machine but i really don't
> want to mirror the whole site. I do want to mirror the 1.3 distribution
> only. I will be using ftp.debian.org (i believe this is ok), so do i
> mirror ftp.debian.org:/pub/debian/bo/ or /pub/debian/frozen/ ?

Bo.  And hamm, if you want the Latest, Gratest and Unstabliest
versions of all.  Contrib and non-free will also be good to mirror
(they are bo's).  Hamm includes its own contrib and non-free; mirror
hamm/hamm if you don't want them.  BTW that's what I'm doing right
now, a mirror for three people (two of which are Debian maintainers).
I'm mirroring bo, hamm, contrib, non-free, dists, doc and indices for
2 days already, and only 21% is finished ;)

> 	Dpkg does (should) make a backup copy of the original conf file
> before it replaces it correct? Is this a standard that all packages
> include or just a few?

It's a feature of dpkg, so it always makes a backup copy.

> > For people running an old Debian system (1.1) - you are supposed to do
> > the following before using dselect to upgrade:
> > 
> >     dpkg --clear-avail
> >     dpkg -i ldso_*.deb
> >     dpkg -i libc5_*.deb
> >     dpkg -i dpkg_*.deb dpkg-ftp_*.deb
> >     dpkg --purge --force-depends texbin
> 	So this needs to be done before i start the upgrade (via dselect)?
> Will this be so even when it is released this week sometime?

Yes, and yes.  But it's only for the oldies who haven't upgraded their
system for many many months.

> 	I'm running 1.2 now and find it great :) I know 1.3 will be
> good aswell. I'd also like to thanx all the developers, maintainers, and
> everyone else for this great OS!!!!

Thank you.


Vadim Vygonets * vadik@cs.huji.ac.il * vadik@debian.org * Unix admin
The fish doesn't think, because the fish knows...  everything.
	-- Arizona Dream

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