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Re: partition busy during shutdown

tomk@westgac3.dragon.com wrote:

: I recently moved my Debian to a larger hard drive. I reorganized the partition
: allocation from a splintered arrangement to a 2 partition arrangement:
: /dev/hda4 - /var
: /dev/hda3 - /  (and all other stuff)
: Up until this change, 'shutdown' worked ok. Recently, I've been getting a
: message:
: ...... mount: /dev/hda4 is busy
: when partitions are being dis-mounted. Any clues as to how to determine what
: process is keeping the partition busy?

Just a thought... what's the order of mounts in your /etc/fstab? /var
has to be mounted AFTER / is mounted so you should have something like:

/dev/sda1               /               ext2    defaults    1       1
/dev/sdb1               none            swap    sw          1       0
proc                /proc           proc    defaults    1       0
/dev/sda2   /var   ext2    defaults      1   2

in /etc/fstab.



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