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Re: latex/databases

In your email to me, Dirk Herr-Hoyman, you wrote:
> At 07:58 AM 5/9/97 -0400, Tim Sailer wrote:
> >In your email to me, Rob Browning, you wrote:
> >> I've kind of settled on postgress, partially because I was curious
> >> about SQL, and also because it appears to be capable of anything I
> >> could want to do.  It's probably overkill, but that's OK.
> >
> >You should take a look at MySQL also. It should do what you want,
> >and is extremely fast too. Quite a few of us here on the mailing
> >list use it already.
> >
> >Tim
> >
> MySQL does look like the real deal.  I was not aware of it, it certainly
> looks to be better than mSQL.
> Is MySQL stable enough to be included as a debian dpkg?  I did see that a
> Redhat RPM package is available.  

mysql and the dbi/dbd perl drivers for it are already in hamm. I'm using
both the debianized and scratch built versions. It's still under heavy
development, but *very* stable. Bugs are fixed within hours of being
reported in most caese.


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