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Re: Is this a bad, bad sign? (harddisk problem?)

Andre M. Varon wrote:
> Indeed, there is something really wrong.  Something really is
> wrong with the harddisk. Few months ago there was a thread in a linux
> mailing list about the how unreliable some western digital harddisk are.
> many disgruntled linux users. you could check out www.wdc.com.

Indeed, I had a 1.6GB one die on me.  I had some "errors" and it started
making clunking noises.  A few hours later, it was dead.

Luckily, I've got good backups here.  I did have to wait for a month to
get the replacement drive from my dealer though.

There's a notice on their web site about quality problems with one of their
1.6GB models (I'm not sure if it was the same as mine).  I'm unsure as
to whether this extends to the rest of their line.


 - Jim

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