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Re: I can't get XDM to work!

At 02:10 PM 4/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Did you try switching to another console e.g. <alt-F7> or <alt-F8>?
>Also, try just going to runlevel 5 (telinit 5);

I tried telinit 5, with no obvious results. There were messages about
sending signals to processes, then... no change. 

Any other ideas of something I might have goofed up? 


>In article <5joe5v$n0o@tsunami.traveller.com>, junk@dev.null.com (Tim
O'Brien) writes:
>|> I'm not sure what I did (or didn't) do, but xdm doesn't work on my system.
>|> If you type xdm at the prompt, it will take up space, and show up if you 
>|> do ps -ax | grep xdm.
>|> Debian 1.2, kernel 2.0.6 on a 486/100 with 24M of ram, X11R6 3.12
>|> If this info isn't sufficient, please let me know. 
>|> Thanks! 
>|> Tim

Linux 2.0.6 i486                   Because reboots are for upgrades!
               -------> tjobrien@traveller.com <------

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