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Re: Postscript to ?

( Re Message From: Nikolaj Richers )
> Can anyone think of a utility or word processor that can read
> Postscript files and save them in a common WP or even TeX 
> format?
> The reason being, I need to move a few years' worth of word
> processing files off my A3000-040 and the only useful/portable
> format I can come up with is to print everything to Postscript.
> This includes stuff like my thesis and dissertation fragments, 
> articles, etc., which I don't really want as ASCII files, if I 
> can avoid it.

Don't even try to convert PostScript to anything else. By the time it's
been done into PS the text is heavily wrapped up, partly fragmented, and
may be masked by PS definitions; and the only thing that can make proper
sense of it is a full PostScript interpreter.

The closest you'll find to what you're looking for is in the "pstools"
package, which at best will extract the text characters in the order of
printing, but totally unformatted. It may, however, do a lot worse than

I'd suggest -- provided your material is mainly text -- that you output it
as ASCII files, despite what you say.

If you have equations (e.g. from troff) these will come out as "source" in
the ASCII file and the rest is up to you; for drawing commands you take
pot luck, and for imported graphics, EPS files etc, you have to make your
own arrangemnets after the event.

Best of luck,
Ted.                                    (Ted.Harding@nessie.mcc.ac.uk)

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