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Re: clear screen on logout

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Karl Ferguson wrote:

> At 09:50 AM 29/04/97 -0700, Ryan Shaw wrote:
> >i've looked through the archives and haven't found an answer as of yet. 
> >i'd like the screen cleared on logout and the login prompt to appear at
> >the top.  i've worked around this by using an alias in bashrc, but i'm
> >sure there is a better way.
> >
> >any ideas?
> Best way (the way I do it) is to do this:
> clear > /etc/motd
> However, make sure you make a backup copy of your original MOTD so you can
> then edit the file and after all the ascii characters put it back.
Well, actually adding clear to motd will cause the screen to clear after
the login has been entered. If you want a clean screen after every logout
this should go into /etc/issue. The way I did this was:

	cd to /tmp (or some other reasonable place)
	clear >temp1
	cp /etc/issue ./temp2
	cat temp1 temp2 >issue
	cp issue /etc/issue

After which a logout clears the screen.


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