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Re: Linux on 701CS

On Mon, 28 Apr 1997, David S. Jackson wrote:

> Hi, Robert
> Thanks for your terrific page on Linux for the 701.  I was hoping you
> could help me with a couple of things:
> 1) I'd like to find a way to reset my modem without rebooting my machine.
> How can I do that for the internal IBM modem included with the ThinkPad?

Hopefully your modem doesn't need a power reset, as mine does after my ISP
does this.  Try typing "echo atz > /dev/ttyS1" for com2.  Just change the
ttyS# to whatever port your modem is on.  

	ttyS0 - com1 ttyS1 - com2 ttyS2 - com3 ttyS3 - com4

> 2) I goofed when running dselect and downloaded a new kernel image
> (2.0.27).  I thought I was d/ling the source, but it was an image.  I
> doubt that it includes PPP service compiled in, which I need to run to
> connect to my ISP and run dselect with PPP.  So I can't reboot to reset
> the modem anyway, yet.  How do I get my old kernel back?   Can I copy from
> my rescue disk or recompile the ppp modules in from the drivers disk?

The modules my still be in place.  Try just copying the kernel image from
floppy.  Check directory /lib/modules to see if they are there.



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