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Re: 2.1.36 kernel?

On Sat, 26 Apr 1997 05:13:55 EDT "Peter Iannarelli" (peter@genxl.com) 

> I installed 2.1.36 yesterday and got the same message at
> boot time. ( changing owner of /dev/tty1, 2 ) I could however 
> still log in. 

There's a bug in 2.1.36 in fs/inode.c. There's one line patch 
somewhere on the kernel mailing lists...

> Should the same /etc/init.d/network and ppp_options.out
> and /etc/ppp/options work between versions ?

With 2.1.x series, you have to add more explicit routes in 
/etc/init.d/network (with the netmask and the interface).
I don't know if the defaultroute option of ppp is 2.1-ready. Diald is.
You might eventually want to add the route manually in the ip-up 
script and disable defaultroute.

> > I finally got 2.1.36 compiled and running, including modules
> > (still using modules 2.1.23 though, because 2.1.34's depmod
> > doesn't seem to work). 

The modules configuration files changed a lot in with modutils 
2.1.34, have a look at the distrivuted /etc/conf.modules. Your old 
one is no more valid (the paths have changed).

I had corruption problems with NFS mounted partitions and 2.1.3[56]. 
I'm reverting to 2.0.14 right now (I'm looking for a SMP-stable 


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