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Re: Debian PPP win95

In your email to me, Stephen Davey, you wrote:
> I hope someone help I have managed to get a ppp session working for static 
> ip address with windows 95 but dynamic addressing just will not work 
> I am running that latest pppd-2.2.0f-24 and the kernal is 2.0.29.
> I am also having no luck at all in getting to linux boxes to talk with dialup ppp.

It sounds like you are trying to get win95 to dial into your Linux box?
Take a look at my mgetty page (http://www.buoy.com/isp) and try out
some of the ideas there. If you have any more questions, email me 
at the buoy.com address in my .sig


PS: Looks like I'll have to write a page for Debian ppp servers

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