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Re: LILO cylinder problem

> I am aware that, for whatever reason, lilo won't look beyond cylinder
> 1023, the 540MB line that M$ drew out of ignorance years ago.  (It might
> not have been Bill but I like blaming shit on him anyway.)
> Anyway.  The point is that I took this into account and started hda2 at
> cylinder 817.  I gave hda1 405MB, hda2 792MB, and hda3 is a 20MB rescue
> partition.
> So why in the hell does lilo report cylinder 2312 which I'm fairly sure is
> in hda3 when I'm setting up hda2 which starts at 817?

I seem to recall reading that you can have problems with
partitations where are not _entirely_ within 1023 cylinders,
because the kernel image could happen to be in that part
of the partition which is past the 1023 cylinder.

But I could be wrong, and/or this could have nothing to do with
your particular problem...

-- David Pfitzner

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