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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V97 #145

I have been using magicfilter for a while, and have had several good
experiences with it.  I remembered last night why I had not used apsfilter.
I tried to install apsfilter last night, because there is no magicfilter on
bo.  I got a new printer, and am trying to get it working right, while
preserving the setup for other printers.  

The apsfilter setup program put my system in a hammerlock, two or three
times in a row, gobbling up all available swap space.  I suspect either bash
2 or (more likely) the fact I am using the Aladdin ghostscript from
non-free (happily, except it doesn't have drivers for the HP870).  The
apsfilter install script does interact, I think, with ghostscript.  It froze
up at the point where it was going to display a tabular of deskjet printer

Why isn't there a magicfilter for bo?  It works.

Jaldhar wrote:
>                 Then out of frustration I deinstalled apsfilter and tried
> magicfilter and suddenly everything worked.  Apparently there is some kind
> of bug in apsfilter or Debians version of it.  I would have filed a bug
> report except I don't have the slightest clue what went  wrong.
> -- Jaldhar

Neither do I

Alan Davis

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