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LILO cylinder problem

I don't understand why lilo is doing this.  I've never had this problem

I just repartitioned my drive and put linux on hda2.  When I try to run
lilo to boot linux from hda2 instead of hda1 it gives me this error about
my cylinders.

	geo_comp_addr: Cylinder number is too big (2312 > 1023)

I am aware that, for whatever reason, lilo won't look beyond cylinder
1023, the 540MB line that M$ drew out of ignorance years ago.  (It might
not have been Bill but I like blaming shit on him anyway.)

Anyway.  The point is that I took this into account and started hda2 at
cylinder 817.  I gave hda1 405MB, hda2 792MB, and hda3 is a 20MB rescue

So why in the hell does lilo report cylinder 2312 which I'm fairly sure is
in hda3 when I'm setting up hda2 which starts at 817?

I have used this same partition setup before without any trouble.  Anyone
have a clue?

When is lilo going to recognise hard drives larger than 540MB?  This is an
ignorant limitation.  Now that BIOS can read them when is lilo going to be



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