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Debian 1.2 rescue disk hangs during boot

I'm setting up my second system with Linux. It runs Red Hat 4.0 fine, but
when I try to install Debian 1.2 (from teh December 1996 InfoMagic CD-ROM),
the rescue floppy hangs at boot time. If I specify no boot parms, it hangs
in probing the cm206 driver; if I tell the cm206 driver an address where no
board is set, it hangs after the eata_dma complaint about no PCI BIOS
extensions being present.

The system consists of a VLB motherboard with Cyrix 486DX2/80 CPU, 16 MB
RAM, Hercules Dynamite Power VL ET4000/W32p VLB video, BusLogic BT445C VLB
busmaster SCSI controller at 0x330, no-name NE2000 clone Ethernet board
(jumper settable, and set to either 0x300 or 0x360), Sound Blaster 16 with
IDE controller set to secondary IDE (and no drive conencted), SIIG I/O
Professional 2-serial/parallel/IDE/floppy (set to normal addresses for all,
and no IDE connected), CDC/Imprimis 340 MB Wren III SCSI disk, Panasonic
CR503B SCSI CD-ROM, and 3-1/2" floppy.

Any assistance will be appreciated; I've installed Debian on a laptop, and
like its setup and configuration beetter than Red Hat, and would like to get
it going on this system too.
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