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Non-US Debian FTP Site?

I wanted to install PGP on my system so I searched out


This site has US and international versions of PGP, as well as some other
neat crypto-stuff (encrypted filesystem, a mail client, etc.).

I tried to point dselect at it though, and couldn't get it to work. It
doesn't share the same directory structure as, say, ftp.debian.org.
Specifically, it doesn't have (stable|non-free|contrib) directories. I
tried using a '.' for the distributions to get and this worked to get
the Packages file, but when I tried to install a package it couldn't 
find it on the site.

The solution was easy: I just downloaded it myself and ran dpkg on it, but
I was wondering if this site was supported, and whether it's supposed
to work with dselect? It looks like it's _almost_ there, so I suspect that
I just don't know enough about dselect to get it to work properly.

Any comments?


Michael Iles thuja@internauts.ca
Ceci n'est pas une .sig

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