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Re: compiling C source for HP850C ghostscript driver from OS/2 or DOS on Linux

In message <[🔎] m0wIApr-0001aQC@electra.saipan.com> you wrote:
>MOre than once I have tried compiling C source on linux, using gcc,
>that generated alot of error messages, including many concerning
>backslashes at the ends of lines. 
>Can anyone provide the slightest clue?   What's special about MSDOG
>source code files that would result in many error messages?  

I think it's not MS-DOG source code, it's MS-DOG C compilers that
usually are to blame.

>... what I tried to do was delete all "^M" chars and
>all backslashes at the ends of lines.  Even this wasn't enough.

^M's shouldn't matter; use something like dos2unix if you want to get
rid of them.  I don't quite understand the bit about backslashes:
do you mean strings like
" blah blah blah \
more blah"; 
or something else?

.sig  sigh

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