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Debian Package Finder


There seems to have been quite a bit of interest in this (and it actually
works now). It was really only intended as a short term solution until (I
know I'm gonna botch his name) Heikki got his full featured one working
again at (again off the top of my head) rae.ton.fi.

The nice thing about ours is that it is *trivial* to install :)  If people
are willing to thrash it a bit and see if they can break it and see if
they can offer improvements then Joe and I will see if we can make a
debian package of it so that it can be distributied to lots of people so
that our little server (and more importantly our bandwidth) doesn't get

Currently the packages files are set to get updated weekly.  From people
who know the debian site is this a realistic freqency or should it be more


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