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Re: 1.2.4 list of known problems

On 16 Apr 1997, Alair Pereira do Lago wrote:

> If I understood right, this is known bug on which order the packages are
> installed and has being worked.  You can solve this by choosing 'install' again
> in dselect.
> BTW, put /usr/X11R6/lib in yout /etc/ld.conf and run ldconfig if
> you have not done it.  

Thank you very much. I had also another reply via private e-mail, 
Marco Frattola <mfrattola@mail.enjoy.it> kindly sent the following to me 
(pointing out that it may not be up to date): 

Subject: List of installation problems for 1.2

The following list was composed from reports of those who have already
installed Debian GNU/Linux 1.2. If you are having any trouble with your
installation, consult this list for possible solutions.

1. Already reported as a bug:  Can't find xlib6 so file.  
	Add /usr/X11R6/lib to ld.so.conf and run ldconfig.

2. Dselect fails to satisfy pre-depends for perl (libdl1)  
	Installing ldso by hand solves the problem.

3. Bug#5659: dpkg-gencontrol fails in chown new files listfile.
	Possible patch.

4. New sendmail fails to use old .cf file  
	One report indicates re-installation fixes the problem.

5. Cron dies. (actually never starts)
	Run "update-rc.d cron defaults"

6. Gcc depends on cpp, but cpp conflicts with gcc.
	Retag gcc and re-run deselect.

7. Modconf messes up screen display on some lines.
	Possible dialog problem?

8. /bin/perl disapears and reappears during installation.
	Replace link by hand: ln -s /usr/bin/perl /bin/perl

9. Bug#5479 dpkg fails to preserve set id bits when copying files.
	No fix reported (possible patch)

10. gpm preinstall can't remove old gpm
	Remove by hand using dpkg --purge.

11. xbase can't remove xdm and xfs
	Remove by hand using dpkg --purge.

12. libg++ and libg++-dev conflict. 
	Re-running the installation fixes it.

13. dependent packages bomb because libc5 is not installed first
	Upgrade base first.

14. no /dev/sr0 from MAKEDEV
	New version fixes this.

15. Gimp fails because there is no .gimprc file
	Create an empty .gimprc

16. Base-files should Provide: base
    Was: Smartlist and possibly other programs as well, depend on base.
	Fixed in the next version.

17. Adduser depends on perl-suid, not in base.
	Install by hand using --force-depends

18. Mc fails to declare it's dependence on libgpm.
	Should declare dpendence on libgpm.
	Install the gpm package.

See you again.

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