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boot problems

Hi I am having trouble booting my linux box. when i do boot my system is 
fine until it gets to the partition check. it says that /dev/hda3 has 
errors in its file system. It puts me into single user mode and tells me 
to fsck /dev/hda3.  When i do that it gives me the following errors:
hda: irq timed out status=0xd0 {busy}
ide0: reset timed out status 0xd0
hda: drive not ready

my system has the following configurations.
48mg ram
fujitsu 2.57gig hard drive
cirrus logic 5430 1mg video card
kingston eathernet card

i installed the 2.0.27 kernal from disks on jan.18/97 
thanking you in advance and help

Paul McDermott                         | E-mail:       paul@braille.uwo.ca
The Computer Braille Facility          | Phone Number: (519) 661-3061
University OF Western Ontario          | Fax Number:   (519) 661-3949
University Community Centre - Rm. #215 | Web Address:  www.braille.uwo.ca/~paul
London Ontario                         |
N6A 5B8                                | LINUX RULES!!!

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