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Re: bi

>>>>> Jason Costomiris writes:

  Jason> I get calls from users all the time asking "How do I search
  Jason> and replace in my file?"  9 times out of 10, they are using
  Jason> pico, which has to be the most brain dead editor ever
  Jason> created.  I always tell them, use vi, [...]

Well, vi is not the only choice.  If they're using X, why don't you
tell them to use xedit?  It's about as braindead as pico but can do
search and replace, so it should be very easy to use.

Then, there's nedit which has a nice Motif feel to it so Windoze users
will love it instantly.

For my part, I use Emacs and I think that simple things are easy to do
in Emacs so Emacs isn't unsuited for beginners at all.

Two caf\'e au lait please, but without milk.
(American tourist in paris.)

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