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Re: Netcom connection

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Greg Vence wrote:

> Hello,
> Below is the page netcom recommends for Linux setup.  I've tried this
> off the base installation and don't even get the phone dialing.
> I've got an Intel internal 14.4 modem
> http://www1.netcom.com/bin/webtech/Other_Dialers_and_Operating_Systems/Operating_Systems/linux.cfg.html
> Thanx -- Greg.

Looking at the message headers, I see you still have to use an inferior OS
to access the internet. We'll have to fix that. 

EZ-1) Let's make sure your modem is there
setserial can be used to check and set ports
setserial /dev/ttyS2
reports settings for equivalent of dos/win COM3
setserial /dev/ttyS2 irq 5
sets it to use IRQ5

EZ-2) if this is a plug-n-play modem, install isapnptools. It's in the
admin section. 37k for quick download and transfer via floppy. I set it up
last week for a zoom 33.6 and it works great.

EZ-3) /usr/doc/ppp has the info you need. Debian ppp setup is easier than
most others. Edit /etc/ppp.chatscript and /etc/ppp.options_out. The pon
command connects, poff disconnects, and plog gives you some status.

Write to me after you look this over and we will try to get you connected.

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