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crc error in kernel after fresh install

I just finished a fresh install using disks from the bo directory on
ftp.i-connect.com dated April 8.  I believe I saw something on the
screen about the base disks being created on April 4.  As I recall the
rescue disk identifies itself as being a Feb 12 vintage.

I got through the installation fine and made a boot floppy.  I also
made the first hard drive bootable.  Neither method will now boot.
Directly after 
 Uncompressing Linux...
I get
 crc error

 --System halted.

I can believe the boot floppy not working could be caused by a bad
floppy disk but getting the same behaviour from both the boot floppy
and from the hard drive makes me suspicious.  It seems likely that the
compressed kernel being written to both places is corrupt.  Is it
worthwhile doing the installation over?  The rescue disk boots fine.

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