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Re: debian in a lab

It seems to me the best way to do this would be to use the ftp install
but that may take to much time so making a template machine and then
copying everything from that machine to all the others (cp -Rap) would
work.   If you can open the machines and get the drives out this wouldn't
be to bad, if not you would have to at least get a kernel and filesystem and
nis working first, unless you feel like ftping a 300 meg file across the room,
that has been done, if you are going to use nfs instead of ftp then why not
just install everything.  I had /usr nfs mounted for about 10 minutes one
time and it was slow I could run ls and go get a coke.  The best way to
keep up with what is in /usr would probally be nis.

Sorry for the rambling.

In message <[🔎] 199704091756.MAA21426@penfold.cs.utexas.edu> you wrote:
>	We're planning on installing debian in a lab of about 50 machines 
>and were wondering if anyone had come up with a good way to install it over
>the net.  We want to spend as little time on each machine as possible.  
>Each machine will be on the net.  We've thought of a couple of ways
>to do this, like: creating a template machine and then stuffing the 
>disk image on all the others, or just using the normal debian install (but
>we're worried we'd have to spend to much time on each machine).
>There are a couple of other questions we have as well.  Has anyone nfs 
>mounted /usr and if so how do you handle updates to packages?  Also, what 
>is the process for creating local packages that override standard 
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