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RE: pgp-i or pgp-us ?

>I found the pgp packages on one of the debian-non-us sites.
>The 2 pgp packages (pgp-i & pgp-us) have exactly the same
>package information, but the sizes and names are different.
>Why ?

>From the PGP 2.6.3i readme.1st file

"  (2) It uses PRZ's MPILIB instead of RSAREF

      PGP 2.3a and earlier versions use a special library for all the
      encryption/decryption routines, called MPILIB, and written by
Philip R.
      Zimmermann (PRZ), the original author of PGP. However, starting
      version 2.5, all official releases of PGP have been using the
      library from RSADSI Inc, a US company that holds the patent on the
      algorithm in the USA. This change was made in order to make PGP
      to use within the USA.

      Please observe that PGP 2.6.2i does NOT use RSAREF, but rather
      original MPILIB library, which is functionally identical to RSAREF
      slightly faster on most platforms. Because 2.6.2i uses MPILIB
      than RSAREF, this PGP version is also able to verify key
signatures made
      with PGP 2.2 or earlier versions. This is not true for MIT PGP,
      the RSAREF library only understands the new PKCS signature format
      introduced in PGP 2.3.

      The use of the MPILIB library is the main reason why PGP 2.6.2i is
      probably illegal to use within the USA. If you are in the USA, you
      should compile the source code using the -DMIT option and link it
      the RSAREF library rather than MPILIB. Note that RSAREF is NOT
      in this distribution, so if you are a US user, it is probably
easier to
      get a copy of the original MIT 2.6.2 release."

>From your email address I am guessing that you need the US version.

Hope this helps

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