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Re: communicator

On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, m* wrote:

> quick one:
> is communicator a memory hog?
> my guess is yes.
> m*
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> "The Shining One"
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I just installed the beta3 on a 486-66mhz with 12mb. The only improvement
over beta2 that is obvious is stability. It takes a longgggggggggg time to
load. If it's not hogging memory, it's hogging something else (my patience
maybe). I haven't tried the page composer yet. beta2 was very explosive in
this area. All the previous versions have wanted to rewrite html for me in
annoying ways. I mean if I say ./foo or ../foo for a link in the dialog
box, that's what I want in the html.

BTW - It's also a piece of !@#%$% on the same box under win95.

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