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Debian's 'group' system

> Uhm, isn't smail finicky about the permissions on a .forward file?  If it
> does not trust the file, it will not obey it.

This reminds me---Debian has adopted this nice system of every user
having his/her own group.  (No sarcasm: It's a Good Thing.)
Everything is then group-writable by default, which is probably what
you want.

The problem is that "ssh" won't work unless you remove group-write
permissions from your home directory (and the ~/.ssh directory).

It's either a misconfiguration with Debian (i.e., files should not be
group-writable by default) or with the ssh Debian package (i.e., it
shouldn't mind that a directory/file is group-writable); neither way
is clearly better than the other, but they should at least agree.

I'd vote to remove group-writable permissions by default.

Pete Harlan

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