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Re: .forward not working

I'm using sendmail *duck*.  And it seems to work sorta I think
my problem is one with procmail and slocal.  Although I havent played much
with getting it to forward to another address, that was a problem from
a user that I couldn't figure out.

In message <[🔎] m0wEJ0f-0003ggC@tapiola.Infodrom.North.DE> you wrote:
>Jason Killen writes:
>> Does anyone have any idea why .forward would not forward or pipe to a progra
>> (ie procmail).  It seems like it is not even being looked at.
>Ouh, I thougt it was a misconfiguration by me on my machine in the
>offices.  Reading this it doesn't seem to be. :-(
>I came across the same problem.
>.forward is working fine as long as there are only some email
>addresses inside.  It seems that Smail can't execute a program
>at this point.  (maybe procmail can't be called as 'nobody')
>Seems I have to investigate my configuration on finlandia with
>the one on troi....
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