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bad FS errors after "umount -a"


a few days ago I wrote an article, but it never appeared on my local
newsserver (although I got replies!), so I can't follow up to it.  :-(

The thing is:  I *am* getting desperate now.

Every time, I reboot my linux box e2fsck finds massive errors.
Often times somewhere under /usr/lib/terminfo.  I have no idea what
I could be doing wrong.  I always shutdown my system with a proper
shutdown or halt command.

I tried to investigate the error a little more and found, that when
I do "init 1" then "umount -a" and then "e2fsck /dev/sdb6" I already
get a lot of errors.  (see below).  This happens no matter how long
Linux was running or whether I started any large program or not.

Here is a short description of my setup:
I am using 2 x 2GB Quantum SCSI HDs on an Adaptec 2940 SCSI host.

On the first there is a Win95, a Win3.11 partition and 2 FAT data
partitions.  At the very end of this HD there is the OS/2 Boot Manager.

On the second HD, there is another Win 3.11 partition (primary partition)
and the root, var and swap partitions for Linux.  /home is a link to
/var/home, /usr is on the root partition.  Hm, did I forget anything
important?  Oh, yes, I've got the Debian 1.2.4 distribution installed.

Here are the error messages I am seeing:
When I boot I get this:
 /dev/sdb6 contains a file system with errors, check forced.
Then e2fsck starts and often with this:
 blabla...check manually...blabla  (sorry, don't remember the exact words)
When I invoke e2fsck manually I get this:
 duplicate blocks found  (inode 128523:4951)  (different every time off course)
                         (inode 136681:1491)
 /usr/lib/terminfo/d         modified Dec 30th 96
 /usr/lib/zoneinfo/America   modified Dec 29th 96
Then next time I mount the fs (after a reboot) I get this:
 /dev/sdb6 clean
 EXT2-fs error (device 08:16): ext2_check_inodes_bitmap:
  wrong free inodes count in group0, stored 1668, counted 1667
 EXT2-fs error (device 08:16): ext2_check_inodes_bitmap:
  wrong free inodes count in superblock, stored 126360, counted 126359

BTW, /dev/sdb6 is my / partition.

Please help me, I really don't feel like booting Linux anymore since
afterwards I always have to fix all these errors. :-(

Thanks so much in advance,

PS: Followup set to: comp.os.linux.misc
 Andy Spiegl, PhD Student, Technical University, Muenchen, Germany
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