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Re: Another syslog problem: "Bad File Number"

Nelson Posse Lago writes:
> Hi,
> I've setup debian on a friend's box and syslog puts the message:
> syslog: don't-remember-what Bad File Number
> on /var/log/messages, then it says "last message repeated 437835 times"
> several times and keeps the load average at around 1. Anyone knows what
> is this? This is a 486 with an ide disk, Debian 1.2, nothing "weird" about
> it, just a normal installation.

I believe that I have fixd this bug in the most recent upload.  Please
fetch a release out of the bo directory.  If the problem still occurs,
please let me know.

(btw. the problem is that syslog tries to access /var/log/news/log which
doesn't exist anymore because you have removed inn)


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