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Re: biff(1)


	If you use mailagent, then change the line in ~/.mailagent
# Biffing support
biff     : OFF                  # Whether biff is wanted

# Biffing support
biff     : ON                   # Whether biff is wanted

	Then you get biff like messages, but you can configure the
 stuff mailagent sends you
======================excerpt from ~/.mailagent=============================
# Biffing support
biff     : ON                   # Whether biff is wanted
biffhead : From, To, Subject    # Which header fields should be printed
bifflen  : 560                  # Maximum body length printed anyway
bifflines: 7                    # Maximum body lines printed
biffnl   : ON                   # Turn to OFF to avoid blank body lines
biffmsg  : ~/etc/biffmsg        # Template format for biff (optional)
bifftrim : ON                   # Whether trim info should be part of biffing
bifftrlen: 2                    # Minimal trimming length, in lines
biffquote: ON                   # Whether the attribution line should be shown
biffmh   : OFF                  # Compact biffing message ala MH
biffnice : OFF                  # Whether compacted body should be reformatted
New mail for %u has arrived in %f:

>>"Tommy" == Tommy Lakofski <tommy@88.net> writes:

Tommy> Has anyone successfully managed to get biff to work in debian?
Tommy> i know there's some interaction with comsat, but i never worked
Tommy> out where comsat got messages from (something to do with
Tommy> procmail? <shudder>). FYI, using latest unstable sendmail as
Tommy> MTA.

Tommy> Many thanks for any assistance.

Tommy> TL

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