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Re: ppp loopback

In message <[🔎] 199704011839.TAA00261@zanzy.shqn.pc.it> you wrote:
>Hi all,
>> Apr  1 21:05:52 zanzy pppd[351]: Serial line is looped back.
>What does this mean?(*) What can I do to prevent it?

Usually happens when
a) you forgot to send "ppp" command to your ISP (ie. common
login sequence is to to send username, password and then "type of
service -- ppp, slip, whatever)
b) ppp takes long time to start on your ISP's box.
In both cases the remote box simply echoes back whatever you send them, 
hence the error message.
( best thing to do is to use minicom to manually go through the login 
sequence so that you know what exactly is going on there )
a) check your chat script
b) use "TIMEOUT" chat commands, "passive" or "silent" pppd options.
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