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Re: PGP compile error...Linux

On 02-Apr-97 Paul Nelson wrote:
>On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Rick wrote:
>>         Well...more than one error.  Anyway.  This is what happened.  I made 
>> mod's to the files.  I'm sure it's some linux source I'm missing or something
>> Can anyone tell me what will fix this?
>Try doing a make sysv
>That worked for me (make linux did not work for me either).

I'll be damned...

It compiled using sysv.  I thought sysv was voo-doo on linux or I'd have tried i
t.  Thanks alot for the tip, Paul.  Now to see it work right...

Rick <rickya@siservices.net>
E-Mail: Rick <rickya@siservices.net>
Date: 02-Apr-97
Time: 01:29:19

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