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Re: Why is PPP so screwed up!?!?!

1.  what do you expect for free?

    you are talking as if you have some RIGHT to DEMAND that things get
    done according to YOUR needs. Nobody would mind if you politely
    asked "how do i get this working?" - but you antagonise people by
    demanding "your system is fucked, fix it for me!".

    We're all volunteers here, debian developers & users alike...we dont
    have to put up with your abusive attitude.

2.  if you have a problem then you are more likely to get help by
    sticking to the technical issues rather than starting things off by
    saying how crappy & useless & broken debian is. 

    We know debian isn't perfect. If you have constructive suggestions
    to make, then make them, but don't expect everyone to jump
    immediately and say "yes master! at once, master!".

    If you can improve things, then work on improving them - debian
    development is OPEN. The distinction between debian developers and
    debian users is not very clear-cut.

    If you have flames, then keep them to yourself (or save them for
    some commercial software support line)

    Nobody decides to "...throw the user to the lions..." on this or
    any other poing in debian. Package developer's are only human (and
    they're volunteers...some even have real lives outside of computers
    and the net and debian)...they CANT think of and cater for every
    situation. If you, or any user, has constructive suggestions to make
    then make them.

3.  some things are complex.  some things do require a willingness
    to read documentation. some things do need a little brainpower to
    figure out.

    A fair amount of DIY attitude is needed if you want to run a unix
    system. This is especially true for someone who calls themselves a
    "SysAdmin" and an ISP. There's a lot more to the job than just the
    title. An ISP who doesn't understand PPP and who is unwilling to
    read documentation ("But I shouldn't have to.") is one who i would
    have no hesitation in recommending people to steer clear of. There
    is a particular logical, methodical way of thinking/seeing which is
    very useful for solving technical problems...you don't seem to have

4.  it seems to me that you are in this for the flaming and not to resolve
    your technical problems. You seem to respond only to those replies
    which have the most flame potential and completely ignore those
    which have reasonable suggestions for things you could try (e.g. my
    multi-point post of a few days ago was completely ignored)

5.  debian-user is a much more pleasant mailing list without all the
    flames.  I suggest that everyone ignore any further posts from
    you until you learn some manners. 

6.  I donate my time to try to help out people on this mailing list for
    free. I do this sort of support for a living, and spending time
    helping out in here is one of my ways of putting some energy back
    into debian.

    However, I am not willing to do that for anyone as abusive as you.
    I'm a volunteer and dont have to put up with such shit. Contact
    me for my standard consulting rates if you want any further email
    support from me.

7.  You get what you pay for.  caveat emptor.


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