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Re: Mail and News with UUCP over TCP/IP

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> Stefan Walder writes:
> >I want to use my Linux-Box at home to get mail and news. I'm using my
> >Uni-ISP and i want to have several Email-Adresses (my family). And I
> >don't want to use POP, I think uucp is nicer!  So I want to use uucp
> >over TCP/IP!  Now my questions:
> Particularly for multiple addresses it has its advantages, yes.  I've
> some experience of setting it up under SVR4...
> It works, though `nice' is not a word I'd use l-)

I currently get my email via uucp.  It wasn't too hard to set up once
I became familiar with sendmail.  Note that I *don't* use uucp over

> >  1.) Can I use the email-address Stefan.Walder%home@wtech.....
> That's really a question for your ISP; they will need to take some
> action to route mail for whatever domain they give you into your UUCP
> queue, you can't normally expect to just have things work by choosing
> the right address format.

Agreed.  Your ISP has to set up a DNS MX resource record for your machine
that points to his uucp host (the one that will be forwarding email to
you).  He also has to configure his sendmail.cf file to use a uucp mailer
for your domain.  I recommend the uucp-dom mailer as that will allow you 
to use Internet style email addresses.

> >  2.) What does I need to get and post news? I think I need suck, but is this
> >      sufficient?
> Depends ... there are a variety of programs with names like `slurp'
> and `suck' which retrieve news from an NNRP server and (e.g.)  inject
> it into your own news server.  They're quite easy to write.  You'll
> need NNTP access to feed news that you post back.
> I'm assume you'll be running a local copy of INN, though this is not
> the only way to do it.
> If you want to do the *whole* thing over UUCP that's possible too,
> your ISP will set up an outgoing UUCP feed and you must do the same to
> feed news back.  Last time I tried to do this it was too hard so I
> gave up and just fed news back out by NNTP instead - a good thing I've
> never had to do it without TCP/IP being available...

I too found that it was too much of a hassle running news over uucp,
primarily because every time I wanted to change my newsgroup subscription
I had to ask my ISP to do it.  With suck or another similar package, all
the administration is done on your own machine.  I personally use C-news
as my newsfeed is small and I've had no reason to change to INN.

Question for Richard:  do you have to have a static IP address assigned to
you to use UUCP over TCP/IP?

Best regards,

Nick Busigin     <Sent from my Debian/GNU Linux Machine>    nick@xwing.org

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