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Re: Why is PPP so screwed up!?!?!

Look, if you can't get a connect, its NOT Debian, and its NOT PPP
in all likelihood!  If you do get logged into your provider, and then
can't communicate to the net, its NOT either Debian OR PPP.  Its
probably YOUR setup (most likely), or your ISP (least likely).  PPP
is a link level protocol, responsible for setting up and maintaining
the low level link; NOT the tcp/ip network!  Different animal!  If your
scripts and options file doesn't setup the link properly, then its PPP
and its setup at fault.  If it does establish the link, and your script 
gets you logged in, then its not PPP, its your tcp/ip net setup.  None
of them are the DISTRIBUTION's fault, NONE!  More often than not 
its probably your own, since it works, and works well for so many of
us.  Can an ISP create an environment that simply won't work with
the default options file ?  Absolutely!  But again, THAT IS NOT THE
DISTRIBUTION!  So knock off all the smacking these guys for your
own problem, or that which your ISP has created!  They can't do 
anything about it!

>By that standard, we should discuss only dselect and dpkg.  Isn't

Right, but its NOT productive to blame Debian or any other distr. for 
this, especially when the problem is more likely than not your own or
your script.

>Why not try to make it less daunting?  Is it supposed to be some sort of a

Then why don't you write it and stop all the bitching if you're so damn smart?

>Judging from what I see on the linux newsgroups, many are using Windows95.
>Microsoft evidently makes it easy.  Why can't Debian?

Actually, I rather like access to all the options that you DON'T get with 


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