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Re: shared library tutorial?

Dale Martin wrote:
>	I have built a PCCTS source package - PCCTS is the "Purdue
>Compiler-Construction Tool Set" - it produces LL(K) parsers.  I'm
>using it in a project which I will eventually Debianize.  The PCCTS
>package is close to ready to upload, except it has some libraries in
>it, and I would like to compile them as shared libraries and don't
>know how.  (I'd also like to use shared libraries in my own project.)
>Can anyone point me to an online reference on how to compile and use
>shared libraries?  Note that I'm also interested in the portability of
>the solution - my project also is working with Linux/Alpha, and
>Solaris machines...
>Thanks for any info!
>	Dale

I don't know anything about the portability side but this seems
to work for me:

/* a sophis-tercated example */

extern void grunt(char *);

int main()
	grunt("Hello world.\n");

/* a sophis-tercated example */


void grunt(char * foo)

And then:

$ gcc --shared -o libgrunt.so tercated.c

(as root)
# cp libgrunt.so /usr/local/lib/
# ldconfig -v

$ gcc -o sophis sophis.c -lgrunt
$ ./sophis
Hello world.

I suppose there is more to it than this -- depending on your
application -- but I don't know what.  The path /usr/local/lib
has to be in the configuration in /etc/ld.conf and should not
be /usr/local/lib if you are actually making a ".deb".

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